Three Cups: Saving

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Stewardship: Week 1 of 3

From the Archives: Anxiety

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:From the Archives: Anxiety by Charles Leonard Copenhaver, presented by Rev. Lincoln Skinner for Oneonta Church's 104th Birthday.

How To Pray For the Lost

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Prepare To Share Series, Part 3

Walk This Way: Do I Have Integrity?

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Lincoln kicks off his new teaching series on Christian Ethics by exploring what it means to have the integrity of Christ and how it sets us apart from the world in which we live.

Family of God: Our Greatest Privilege

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:What is the greatest privilege you've ever received? What makes it so valuable to you? Lincoln shares how joining God's Family stands out above all other opportunities and how you can invite others to experience this awesome gift as well.

Reconciliation: Healing Fractured Relationships: Part 2

Joe Whitcomb, Guest Speaker


Description:This message was recorded in the Sanctuary during a special combined worship service.

Family of God: The Big Wedding

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:When you go to a wedding, what do you see? 2 people beginning a new life together as one, which is a beautiful thing. But is there a deeper meaning to be understood as well? The Bible teaches that there is a bigger story woven into the wedding ceremony and it connects us to the Family of God. Listen to this message if you want to hear what it is.

Family of God: What's My Role?

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:The Apostle Paul writes that Christian families ought to "submit to one another out of reverence for Christ." Can you imagine being a part of a family where everyone actually does this? What would that look like?

Family of God: Calling All Orphans!

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:How can we join God's family? God wants to adopt you!

Easter Sunday: The Sign of Jonah

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:"Show me a sign and I will believe in you!" Jesus performed miracles, taught truth with authority from heaven, healed the sick, raised the dead... and yet some still asked for a sign. Lincoln shares how God gave us the greatest sign of all, the death and resurrection of Christ, to win our hearts. It is up to us to receive Christ and believe in Him.

Jonah: Is It Right For You To Be Angry?

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Emotions reveal what matters most to a person. What stirs God's emotions? Are we moved by the same things?

Jonah: Getting Back on Track

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:How can a just God show grace? Pastor Lincoln shares how we can get back on track with God because of Jesus Christ.

Jonah: In the Belly of the Fish

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Jonah called out to God from the belly of the fish, and God heard his prayer. Do you think God cares when you pray? Do you think He listens and responds?

Jonah: Facing the Storm

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:There are always consequences for our actions, both good and bad. When Jonah chose to disobey God, he hurt God, others, and himself. Lincoln shares how we can face the consequences for our sins with hope because of God's awesome mercy through Jesus Christ.

Jonah: Running From God

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Human beings run away from things all the time. Keeping distance is one way to protect ourselves. But sometimes we run from something, or someone, that actually can heal and build us up. In today's message, Lincoln explores what it means to "run from God" and how we can turn around and see HIs face again.

40DITW Week 6: Integrating God's Word into My Life

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:How can I let God's Word speak into every aspect of my life? Lincoln shares 6 Biblical steps to living a life of INTEGRITY.

40DITW Week 5: Understanding the Meaning of a Text

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:"Well, that's YOUR interpretation." Have you ever heard anyone say this about the Bible? Is there a right way and a wrong way to understand the original meaning of a Scripture passage? YES! Listen to this message to learn how the interpretation and correlation methods reveal the meaning of a Bible text.

40DITW Week 4: How to Study a Bible Passage

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Lincoln shares 4 main characteristics of a Bible study--observation, interpretation, correlation, and application.

40DITW Week 3: Seeing What God Wants Me to See

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Why can some people see MORE than others when they read the Bible? Lincoln shares how the Holy Spirit can ILLUMINATE our minds, allowing us to see what God wants us to see.*Recorded in the sanctuary during our 10:30am Communion Service

40DITW Week 2: How the Bible Changes Us

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Did you make a New Year's resolution this year? We make resolutions because there is something in our life that needs to change. But change is hard and we need help. Lincoln shares how the Bible can change us.

40DITW Week 1: Why Can I Trust the Bible?

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:How do we know the Bible is really the Word of God? How can we trust that what we have today is true and accurate historically, scientifically, thematically, etc.?

40DITW kickoff: Building My Life on the Bible

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Who knows what lies ahead for us in 2014? God's Word is a firm foundation that will keep you safe and strong no matter what challenges come your way.

By Glory Possessed

Rev. Dr. David Gray, Guest Speaker


Description:Dr. Gray will present the sermon “By Glory Possessed” written by his father, Dr. Henry Gray, which was preached by Dr. David Gray at Westminster Abbey on July 15, 1977 at the first meeting of the International Congregational Fellowship.

Oneonta Christmas Eve Service

Rev. Lincoln Skinner, Oneonta Music Department


Description:Listen to the entire Christmas Eve Candlelight service here! This audio track includes songs performed by the Oneonta Chancel Choir with Brass Ensemble, the Oneonta Choral Music Academy, and the Oneonta Handbell Team. Lincoln's sermon, "That's What Christmas is All About, Charlie Brown" is found at 43:08 in the clip.

Christmas on TV: It Really Is a Wonderful Life

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Is life a burden to you? The Christmas story reveals how we can experience a truly wonderful life through Jesus Christ.

Christmas on TV: Rudolph and Rejects

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:The Christmas story gives hope to all, even those who don't "fit in".

Christmas on TV: A Grinch's Heart

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Pastor Lincoln takes a unique look at the Christmas story through the eyes of Dr. Seuss.

How to Lead a Thanksgiving Prayer

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:*Due to technical issues in the original recording, we have posted the recording of this sermon given during our 9:30am service in the sanctuary.

Make A Big Fat Joyful Noise

Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:"Once in a while, it's ok to cut loose. Once in a while, it's ok to have fun in worship."


Rev. Lincoln Skinner


Description:Would you make a bargain with someone you knew was untrustworthy? Would you hold up your end of a deal if you knew the other person would fall short of the agreement?Jesus has committed Himself to you, even unto death, because He believes in you. Do you believe God can use you for His perfect plan?